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Is FlightGear The Best Free Flight Simulator?

In the flight simulation community, there is something that unfortunately keeps many people from participating; money. Most major flight simulators on the market are paid and quite expensive. On top of that, any other aircraft you wish to fly with the simulator also cost money and can sometimes cost more than the simulator itself! It is for this reason that I’m writing this article. I believe I’ve found the best free simulator on the market. This simulator is none other than FlightGear. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about FlightGear or are just hearing about it for the first time, stay tuned! I have everything you need to know.



Perhaps the best thing about the FlightGear simulator is that it’s completely free! Like I said before, most flight simulators of this caliber charge quite a bit of money for their program so the fact that FlightGear is free is amazing! Better yet, any aircraft you choose to fly are free as well and there are TONS to choose from. The only caveat to this is that many of the aircraft are community made and thus, not super realistic. That being said, many of the aircraft provided are still extremely realistic. The 747-800 for example is modeled amazingly well! This is the number one reason I recommend FlightGear to new flightsimers¬† as there is no investment required.



FlightGear Graphics

While nothing to write home about, the graphics in FlightGear are actually quite good for being a free simulator. While the terrain textures can be really ugly sometimes, they aren’t much worse than XPlane’s textures and XPlane is 60 dollars! This isn’t too much of an issue as the ground textures aren’t really noticeable at altidue. Aside from that, most of the aircraft models look quite nice inside and out. Again, many of the aircraft are community made thus, quality will vary. Most of the aircraft however, look very good.



FlightGear Weather

Surprisingly, FlightGear features a very good weather system! Although it’s a great simulator, I did not expect it to have the weather engines that it does. FlightGear features two distinct weather engines. One of these engines is for programed weather, while the other engine models real time weather for any airport. The programed weather engine is quite good at producing realistic weather models. The real time engine however, is not the greatest as it does not provide very accurate weather simulations. This isn’t a huge problem but it is something to note. In general, for being a free flight simulator, FlightGear has done an incredible job in the weather department.



FlightGear Realism

In terms of FlightGear’s realism, I have to say, it’s quite good! The aircraft systems and flight models feel very realistic and are very comparable to XPlane. One thing that does tend to take away from FlightGear’s realism is its graphics. Like I said before they aren’t the greatest graphics in the world. However being that it is free flight simulator, I can’t dog on it too much. The graphics are quite good for a free sim, they just aren’t the best. Something else I’d like to note is that FlightGear features the ability to load into any recognized airport in the world. This is usually only a feature you see on big name brand simulators like XPlane 11 and MSFS 2020 so it’s quite nice to see! With all this in mind, for being a free sim, FlightGear is quite realistic.



Is FlightGear the best free flight simulator?

Now we come to the most important aspect of any flight simulator. The aircraft. In regards to FlightGear and its aircraft, they’re quite good! Like I said before, FlightGear is an open source simulator so many of the aircraft models are community made. That being said, most of them are still quite good. Being that all of the aircraft are free, this isn’t much of an issue as you can try all the aircraft you want until you find the ones you like! Not only are there a good variety of civil aircraft to choose from, but there are also lots of military planes to fly as well! All in all, FlightGear has done a very good job when it comes to their aircraft.



FlightGear Best Free Flight Simulator

One thing that a lot of flight simulators don’t have is a multiplayer option. Because of this I dod not expect FlightGear to feature multiplayer but I was proven wrong! Not only is FlightGear good for just starting out in the flight simulator world, but you can also play around with your friends too!


Is FlightGear The Best Free Flight Simulator?

To sum things up, if you’ve been wanting to get into the flight simulator community but are afraid of making a large upfront investment, I can not recommend FlightGear enough. For being a free simulator its graphics, realism and aircraft are all up to par. In most cases FlightGear can easily be compared with major simulators like XPlane 11 and even features some things that XPlane doesn’t! All in all FlightGear is an incredible simulator and if you want to check it out, I’ll paste the link to it below. I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next article!


FlightGear download: https://www.flightgear.org/download/

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