Best Watches For Pilots

Best Watches For Pilots: AVI-8

Perhaps the most timeless (no pun intended) piece of wear you see on pilots is their watch. Not only is the timepiece a fashionable accessory, but it serves several purposes as well. Aside from telling the time, a watch is a very important piece of hardware for pilots old and new. While any watch will do, there is one company that stands out from the rest. When it comes to aviation watches, AVI-8 is among the best. AVI-8’s timepieces are designed by pilots, for pilots. Not only are their watches highly functional, but they look stunning as well. Each time piece is designed around a different aircraft, telling a story as it tells the time.


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Why Do Pilots Need A Watch?

Before getting into some of the watches I think are best for pilots, I’d first like to go over some of the reasons pilots need a watch. The first and probably most important reason to have a watch is to perform distance and fuel burn calculations. Say you forget your e6-b on a cross country flight and something goes wrong. You need to figure out how much time you have left in the air before you run out of fuel. This can actually be done rather quickly with a watch and a fuel gauge! Furthermore, you can calculate how much distance you have traveled by multiplying the time elapsed by your speed. You never know, these could very well save your life one day. Another way pilots can utilize watches is to time maneuvers. Certain maneuvers require ultimate precision and having a good stop watch to time your maneuver is more than helpful. Some people might wonder what advantage a watch has over a smartphone. A watch actually has several advantages over the clock on your phone. The most prominent advantage to a phone is that watches don’t die nearly as often as phones do. A phone must be charged every couple of hours in order to stay alive while I watch can go for years! If you need to keep track of time in the cockpit and your phone is dead, you’re outta luck. Another advantage a watch has over a cellphone is its ergonomics. It takes half a second to look down at a watch while on the other hand you have fumble around with a cellphone. That’s time wasted. Ask any pilot and they will tell you that every second counts! All of that to say, a good watch is a very useful tool for any pilot to have. But what watch should you choose? The following are 5 of what I think are the best watches produced by AVI-8.


Best Watches For Pilots By AVI 8


1. Hawker Hurricane Classic Chronograph

AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

Based on the real life ‘Hawker Hurricane’ aircraft, this minimal, but highly function timepiece is perfect for all of your aviation needs. One thing I really like about the Hawker Hurricane watch is its utilization of a tachymeter! if you don’t know what a tachymeter is, a tachymeter is a type of watch complication used to measure the speed at which the watch’s wearer travels over a fixed period of time. Having a tachymeter on your wrist while in the cockpit can be extremely useful for obvious reasons. Aside from its functionality, the Hawker Hurricane Classic is a gorgeous timepiece, reminiscent of its WW2 inspiration.


2. Retrograde Chronograph

Best Watches For Pilots

Gaining its inspiration from the cockpit of the famed Hawker Hunter, this watch is another amazing choice for any pilot.  With its classic look, the Retrograde edition chronograph brings the Hunter’s cockpit to your wrist. The AVI-8  Retrograde has a perfect balance of functionality and fashion. Even better, the Retrograde edition has eight different color schemes to choose from to perfectly match your style!


3. Blakeslee Chronograph

Best Watches For Pilots

Coming in at number 3 is currently my favorite watch by AVI-8; the Blakeslee Chronograph. What’s interesting about this piece is that rather than being completely based on an aircraft, the Blakeslee watch is designed to commemorate Col. Donald Blakeslee and his time as a P-51 pilot. Personally, I think the Blakeslee is the best looking and most functional chronograph by AVI 8. Not only does it have 4 different ways to keep time, but it also features a date window and tachymeter! If I could only recommend any of the watches on this list, it would definitely be this one for both its functionality and looks.

4. Desert Sand


With most of its interior mechanisms visible, the Desert Sand watch is a very unique timepiece. The Desert Sand piece is the final instalment in a series of watches designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Trans-Atlantic air races.  Although minimal, the Desert Sand watch  is more than functional and will serve its purpose well on the wrist of any pilot.

5. Royal British Legion Founders Chronograph

Best Watches For Pilots

Last but certainly not least is the AVI 8 Royal British Legion Founders chronograph. Gaining its inspiration from the Royal British Legion, this timepiece is one heck of a watch. Something to note about this piece is that it features a tool known as a ‘telemeter’. A Telemeter is a scale used to measure the distance separating an observer from a phenomenon which is first visible and then audible. Its graduation is based on the speed of sound (343 m/s). While a telemeter is not as useful for pilots, it can easily be utilized by ground crewman to calculate the distance of far away aircraft! Either way, it’s neat thing to have on your wrist!


Where Can I Buy One?

If you would like to purchase an AVI 8 watch, you can find all of them here!

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Final Thoughts

Although only five of AVI 8’s watches have been listed here, there are lots more to choose from! I have just compiled a small list of some of my favorites that I think are the best watches for pilots! If you enjoyed, feel free to comment and share! Let me know which watch is your favorite!

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